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  • March 4, 2014

We move into a new era with the arrival of the new Wokingham Medical Centre which replaces our old friends Rectory Road Surgery and Tudor House Surgery. I have enjoyed close links with all the doctors there and of course at other surgeries locally to ensure optimal care for our patients for the past 19 years!

I would like to reassure patients that there is no change to your ability to receive physiotherapy care and referrals here at Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy. If you wish to receive care with us please contact us directly or ask your GP to be referred to us if you require referral for insurance purposes. We will of course maintain our communication regarding your care with your doctor (subject to your approval). Basically it is business as usual.

We are contacting the doctors to update them on our new more specialist physiotherapy services: Dizziness and vestibular disorder specialist, Women’s Health Physiotherapy, Headache and migraine specialist, Spinal specialist physiotherapy and others.

Exciting times for your healthcare provision.

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  1. Marilyn Burtwell says:

    Who are the physiotherapists at the clinic and what are there specialisms?

    1. Dear Marilyn

      Thank you for your enquiry about our practice. I have attached a link to out team profiles which outlines each practitioners experience and specialisms.


      All physiotherapists here are skilled in managing whatever condition presents itself but of course we have our own specialist interests and skills.
      As a practice we believe that only focussing upon one body area can lead to poor treatment as so often things are connected and require a total body evaluation.
      Sandra is our Women’s health specialist.
      Jane is our Neurology specialist
      Perry is our vestibular specialist but with vast experience in spinal and sports injuries – especially shoulder injuries
      Salil is a spinal and sports injury specialist but also with interest in clinical hypnotherapy for chronic pain.
      Alessio and I are both myofascial release, holistic health specialists.
      Kalpesh is a general skills physiotherapist but also with specialist interests in chronic pain
      Rodger is the clinical lead physiotherapist known as a specialist in spinal conditions and knee problems. As above he is a specialist in “integrated” holistic medicine.

      I hope this helps answer your questions but please do not hesitate to email us again if you require any firther help or a phone call to discuss your needs.

      Kind regards

      Rodger Duckworth

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