What is NES?

  • November 28, 2016

We are made of energy. This seems an odd statement to many of us raised in the west. Although in physics terms we would accept we are made of atoms, which we accept is 99.999% emptiness, A few electrons, protons and neutrons and a whole load of emptiness/space – which is, of course, nothing – it is energy. We all know what happens when we split an atom!

All the tissues of the body are slightly different in their atomic structure and so have a unique energetic “vibration” / frequency pattern. If we know what these are then, just as we know what is accepted normal are in chemical terms for blood tests, if we could measure these energetic frequencies in the body then we can use it to assess the health of the body. If the tendon in your leg is injured or the lining of your bowel is not working optimally, then we could expect that its energetic pattern would be outside of normal values/parameters.

The NES provision system enables us to do just this. It tests our energetic system to assess our health


NES Provision is the result of over 40 years of research and development by the late Peter Fraser and it is revolutionising healthcare.  Disturbances in the human energy field are measured and then based on interpretation only by medically qualified practitioners a treatment plan is proposed using correctional drops called infoceuticals which contain the correctional vibration pattern. They are tested and very safe. Research has been undertaken to prove its effectiveness and safety.





Who and what types of problems is it helpful for?

The simple answer is anyone and most conditions. Where Rodger finds it helpful is in working with patients with complex problems which are beyond back pain and sports injuries and so on, but perhaps where there may be general fatigue, ME or bowel issues like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

How long will I need to be on treatment?

The answer is always – variable. Some patients experience immediate effect but it is much more normal to see gradual change over a number of weeks. Generally, it is not like taking a paracetamol for a headache and the pain clears in an hour or so. The infoceutical works like all good therapies – from the inside out! It supports the system to help you heal at a deeper level. Often the presenting complaint is not the root of the issue. NES works at a deep level and so may take a little time – although it can have profound effects in hours for some people!

Rodger Duckworth physio in Wokingham is the only Practice in Berkshire to be providing this amazing treatment solution. For further information check out this YouTube video on the NES Provision system.


Rodger also uses the NES Mihealth for certain more local issues such as muscle strains, ligament injuries, sports injuries and back and neck pain. This is part of the NES Health system and is effectively digital information emitted electromagnetically instead of in droplet form to correct the subtle energy disturbances as a result of trauma or injury. This product was used with the Hungarian Olympic team in 2012 with great results.

The following are testimonials from the UK and Hungarian athletes who use this treatment




Call and ask to speak to Rodger if you wish to discuss if this system is right for you – if not we may be able to offer another solution to help you.