Keeping Up To Date

  • March 14, 2017
RD Physio edcation

Shawn Tavares Visits Rodger Duckworth Physio Clinic Wokingham

A huge thank you goes out to Mr Shawn Tavares, senior consultant orthopaedic surgeon from the Reading Hip and Knee Unit for coming out to see us to share knowledge and information on recent updates in surgery techniques. He reminded us that he arrived in Reading as a surgeon and has been working closely with Rodger and his team since 1996! 20 years of professional team work.

It is vital that we are up to date with current surgical techniques in order that we are able to advise our patients of what their clinical options are should they require surgery. This visit forms one of our ongoing meetings with surgeons locally including surgical theatre visits to ensure we are all as aware as possible of all recent advances.

Of course it is a two-way street and I know Shawn was also hugely appreciative of our perspective as physiotherapists. Effective patient care is only ever enhanced by strong clinician relations – which I am delighted to say remain strong  after 20 years of providing Physiotherapy in Wokingham.