• February 13, 2018


You’ve read the adverts, seen the news and heard the conversations in the playground “Oh I’m off to Pilates today”.

So what is it all about! Pilates is a system of exercises based on the work of the original founder Josef Pilates that has been modified and expanded over the years to incorporate a whole all over body system of exercises to work on core stability and functional retraining of your limbs and body as a unit.

Pilates is taught in many classes in gyms and local halls by a variety of fitness professionals. In an ideal world one-to-one Pilates sessions to educate your body anatomy and function, and to teach the basic concepts of Pilates type exercises for a number of sessions is ideal.

We are able to offer that one-to-one service for those wishing to embark on Pilates but would like specialist help from a physiotherapist to guide and support them on the Pilates pathway, with the aim to facilitate joining in with the class environment once confidence and basic principles are mastered.

Come and see Sandra Watts, Women’s Health Physiotherapist (APPI Pilates trained including antenatal and postnatal) for help and guidance to start Pilates at Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy Practice. Contact us on 01189 786149.