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  • January 24, 2019

Run Wise… realise your potential.

Here at the Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy Practice we are really excited to be launching our Run Wise service designed to help all runners of any age, level or ability achieve the most they can from their running. Salil Das will be heading up the service and being both a keen runner and senior physiotherapist he is looking forward to harnessing both of those skills to help deliver a really positive and personalised service to all runners.

2019, New Year, New you! This is the time where many will have signed up for events this spring and summer and are now really investing a lot of thought in how best to go about training and achieving these great goals. For some, these will be events completely new to them, for others they may be events that they regularly enjoy. Either way the Run Wise programme is here to help ensure that you optimise your training and to significantly reduce the risks of injury.

January is renowned for many of us making those New Year’s resolutions and usually high on the list for many are to lose weight and get fit. ‘I’ll get myself a pair of running shoes and start running’ is a common statement of intent as the last drops of red wine are consumed as December closes. Sadly that enthusiasm can dwindle after the first two runs when you are shattered and feel broken!! This is where we can help you safely and progressively build up your running tolerance and as importantly help you enjoy it. Before long you will have got the bug and there’ll be no looking back.

The Run Wise programme              

Education and understanding are key components that underpin Run Wise. Salil knows from his own experience that understanding exactly what our bodies need and when, can help us feel refreshed and energised when we run as well as preventing us from getting all those repetitive little niggles. Of course, the journey is not always smooth, but we can help you manage those tougher times and ensure that you reach your goals.

 Part 1 – 60min assessment

This is where we find out about you. We will talk about any running you may or may not have done previously or any sports that you have played on a regular basis. Importantly we will discuss why you are here and any goals that you have as well as talking through any relevant medical history. The aim is to build up a picture and then tailor everything that we do to fit in with your goals and lifestyle.

The practical side of the session will include:

  • Control, strength and flexibility measures
  • A video running gait analysis where we film you running either on the treadmill, outside or both.Once we have looked at these we will briefly discuss the points that we’ve noted from the whole session and importantly the areas that are going to be key for you to work on.This will be comprehensively covered in an emailed written report.

Part 2 – 30 minutes.

This session will focus on the practical components that you will need to work on based on the findings from the initial assessment. We will run through any exercises and running drills that are relevant as well as ensuring that you are happy with the many other lifestyle factors that contribute to helping us achieve the best results that we can.

Part 3 – 45 minutes

This will take place a few weeks after and will really serve to ensure that you are making good progress. We will compare your running gait analysis to when you first came and can talk and discuss various progressions that you can make. We will also compare your control, strength and flexibility measures. It will be a great chance for you to discuss any other matters that may have arisen as you have worked through your plan.

You will then have the springboard to continue your own fantastic personal running journey.

We look forward to hearing from any aspiring, existing or really experienced runners who want to realise their potential with the Run Wise programme. Salil has learned so much anecdotally from the seasoned runners who he has met and his running journey is ever evolving and he continues to learn as much as he can.

For more information please contact our reception team at, visit the website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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