Run Wise – Realise Your Running Potential!

  • October 2, 2019

Run Wise 

…And Realise Your Running Potential!

RunWise is a platform that enables you to safely progress your running and ultimately achieve your goals. Whether it be to simply run around the block or complete your first marathon, RunWise can give you the tools and support to help you achieve this.

I’m here to help use my knowledge and expertise both as a physio and a runner (who has experienced many highs and lows!)  and provide you with a great base from which to build your running journey. It may be that you already run but have now decided to enter some races and need some guidance in how best to build up your mileage and reduce the risks of injury or you may simply want to learn a bit more about how you can improve.

The main aim of RunWise is to help make sure you maximise the enjoyment you get from what is a great and simple form of exercise.

An important part of the programme will be to find out about you. What are your reasons for running, what are your goals, what fitness or running do you do already, how does it factor into your lifestyle, what kind of lifestyle do you lead? These things are so important when helping you to implement a realistic plan and there is no one size fits all recipe to help build success.

To measure progress I will take some baseline indicators of strength, flexibility and control as well as doing a running gait analysis using simple technology to help complete an overall picture of the specific areas of focus for you. These indicators are really just that and if you come from a background of having done nothing then there is absolutely nothing to fear and you will be amazed how much they improve over the weeks.  I will then give you the practical ideas of how you can work on these.

In the follow up sessions we will practice a few of these things and then finally will assess your running gait once more and provide you with further feedback as to how you can continue your journey.

I am keen after the course has finished that we keep in contact as much as you wish as it can be really helpful to have someone you can use as a resource if you have any questions. If I don’t know, I’ll always find out the answer! I would absolutely love to be a part of your running journey so please feel free to contact me, Salil Das, should there be more you want to find out about our RunWise programme.