Telehealth and Virtual Appointments

  • March 25, 2020


Just because we are in Lockdown doesn’t mean your wellbeing and physiotherapy needs to go away – probably quite the opposite.

Despite being closed for in-person appointments, Rodger is now performing online physio sessions and offering Telehealth. What is TELEHEALTH? We can either simply call you to discuss and guide over the phone or use facetime, skype or Zoom for virtual appointments. Our patients who have already used this service are finding it really helpful. (See the lovely testimonial from Nicola on our banner at the top of the web page).

We can assess and diagnose, demonstrate self-help rehab and exercise on a personalised basis, provide psychological support and advise in the same way we would in person. The only thing we cannot do is lay our hands on you. We know you have come to love our hands-on approach and this makes it a challenging time for all us but we are still able to help you in many many ways online. There is a lot we can do to help.

Most of the major insurers and the NHS have agreed on funding and of course, it is still all available to our self-funding patients in the same ways as normal.

If you would like some help please then please send a contact request via this website in the contact us or just email directly to with your contact information and DOB so we can identify you and we will make contact and help in every way we can.

We will be back providing face to face, hands-on treatments as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

Take care! Together we will come through this and oh what we shall have learned about being a community and caring about others will be so amazing.