Open Again! Face to Face Monday 15 June 2020

  • June 14, 2020

We are back. We opened again for face-to-face appointments in the Practice as of Monday 15 June 2020! After 3 months of still providing care for our patients with online physiotherapy, we are back providing face-to-face care.

I know from working online with patients over this past 3 months that people are really missing human touch and interaction. Whilst online is great and really helpful for those at risk, people are needing skilled therapeutic touch. Our professional bodies have now approved us to start treating you again in person! Hurray!Physiotherapist in Wokingham

Please be aware – we take your and our health seriously. We recognise that for our patients, there is anxiety around COVID and safety. That is totally understandable. We as Clinicians have spent our whole lives working in hospitals and health care settings and infectious diseases is something we come across and know how to handle. We are qualified to assess you and your health and manage risk. There is a balance to be had between helping those in a great deal of pain and other risks. We are doing everything we can to refine our systems and processes to increase our normally high levels of sanitisation for everyone’s health and safety.

I am bringing back my team as efficiently and quickly as I can. Initially, it is myself and Yavor and Sandra providing the physiotherapy. I am working hard to bring back the rest of my amazing team as quickly as possible. Please note that practitioners return to work is only when our regulatory bodies permit it. This means that our Sports Therapists Helen and Sergei are sadly not available at present but the physiotherapists are here to assist in the meantime. Things are changing very rapidly but currently, it is estimated to be approximately 1 month before sports massage therapy is available with Helen and Sergei.

Can I just call up and book in for physio now?

Should you require our help we will undertake a triage either on the phone or via an electronic questionnaire we will email to you. We are minimising paper and contact as part of our upgraded policies to protect each other. This questionnaire is to help us to ensure your safety. Please do not worry that you might not be able to attend for an appointment based upon your answer. Your answers will be evaluated as part of our triage process and a clinician will make the final decision if there is any doubt. A qualified Practitioner may call you to discuss if required. So many people are struggling in pain at the moment and we must balance the risks with the provision of health care. We are skilled healthcare practitioners and this is what we do.

What if I was undergoing treatment before lockdown?

We will be contacting those of you who were undergoing treatment prior to lockdown who have not been continuing with the surprisingly successful online physio and inviting you to attend again – should you still need it of course. If you need help, please call us in the normal manner or use the contact form on the website here, and will get you some help as swiftly as we can.

What safety measures have you put in place and how does it affect me?

We have made a number of changes to our normal way of working – to include the additional time between appointments for additional sanitisation, distancing where possible during appointments, PPE of course during your session, staggered appointments to avoid crossing in the corridors, reduced use of reception and many more things. When you book an appointment, we will talk you through the important points and also send you a document via email outlining things we need you to be aware of. Don’t worry – we have spent a long time thinking this through and can assure you things will run as smoothly as they can for you.

Your health needs remain

My own patients whom I have been working with online and spoken to recently are as excited as I am to return to receiving the care they are used to. There is nothing to substitute for hands-on treatment and the interaction in person in the treatment room.

The therapeutic space is a very special space and we know you miss it as much as we do!

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Rodger Duckworth