Here at the Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy Practice we offer a wide range of services and treatments aimed at helping you achieve your optimal level of fitness and health.  We aim to offer flexible appointment times with both early morning and evening appointments available to accommodate for today’s busy lifestyles.

Within the clinic we stock therapy equipment for purchase including Wheat bags, posture cushions, wobble boards, gym balls, TENS machines, and other supports.  We are more then happy to source specific items for you should we not have them on-site.[/vc_column_text]


Sports Injuries

You can see from the practitioner profiles that we have a team of sports physiotherapists here in our Wokingham Practice with a wide range of sporting interests covered including running, athletics, football, martial arts, cycling to mention a few and this enables us to understand your activity and rehabilitate you fully to your chosen activity. Celia is currently providing physiotherapy for the GB ladies rowing squad.

In our rehab area we have a treadmill to allow us to assess gait and running styles. We have access to local football / playing field facilities  in Wokingham so we can make sure you are really ready to return to full sport and minimise the risk of re-injury and sustaining a further sports injury.

Neurological physiotherapy

Physiotherapists working in Neurology are concerned with the problems a person may have when parts of the nervous system are damaged.

The prime purpose of Neurological Physiotherapy is to restore and maintain function, activity and independence and to help prevent injury or illness, through treatment and information.


Acupuncture has been used through Chinese Medicine as far back as 4000 years ago. It is used to treat the person as a whole. It has been accepted within the NHS since 1984. Rodger has trained in both western and traditional acupuncture and feels it complements the conventional physiotherapy well. There is a huge volume of good quality evidence supporting the validity of acupuncture for the holistic management of the patient – not just pain control.

EEG and blood test studies have shown effects relating to pain, immune and endocrine effects. In accordance with our regulatory body we use only single use, extremely fine, sterile, disposable needles.

Salil Dass, Laura Flinders, and Celia Gilbe are also trained to use western acupuncture dry needling/Trigger point acupuncture as part of thier physiotherapy modalities.

Sports massage

Sports massage is an extremely effective form of massage therapy that highlights particularly tight or fibrous areas within muscles, tendons, ligements and fascia.

Helen Masey (MSc, BA(Hons), LSSM(dip)) and Dan Buchanan (BSc(Hons), NLSSM(dip)) are both experienced and qualified Integrated Massage and Soft Tissue Therapists. They also are practitioners of myofascial release techniques, Thai Massage, relaxation and stress management. Helen is a are qualified counsellor and cognitive behavioural therapist. Dan is the regional director of the Sports Massage Association. His treatment focuses on getting patients moving and feeling better.

They hold advanced qualifications in Massage Therapy, and is constantly learning and developing new skills. Helen is also developing research to help increase the evidence base for the use of Massage Therapy.




Counselling takes place in a private and confidential setting to explore a difficulty the patient is having in their personal life.  It is by listening attentively and patiently that a counsellor can begin to perceive the difficulties from the patient’s point of view and can help them to see things from a different perspective thereby giving clarity to their problems or issues.Usually when you see a counsellor it will be for one hour at a regular time every week. You may have a weekly session for as long as you and your counsellor agree that you need them.