Counselling takes place in a private and confidential setting to explore a difficulty the patient is having in their personal life.  It is by listening attentively and patiently that a counsellor can begin to perceive the difficulties from the patient’s point of view and can help them to see things from a different perspective thereby giving clarity to their problems or issues. Usually, when you see a counsellor it will be for one hour at a regular time every week. You may have a weekly session for as long as you and your counsellor agree that you need them.

Counselling in Wokingham

Michaela Reeves

Michaela is a Relate trained relationship counsellor with 15 years of experience. She helps couples and individuals where they are having a relationship/sexual difficulties using a combination of the most appropriate counselling approaches, tailored to her clients’ needs. She is an accredited member of the college of sexual and relationship therapists (COSRT) and adheres to their code of ethics at all times.