Back and Neck Problems

Including slipped discs, degeneration and arthritis, stiff and painful necks, referred arm and leg pains such as sciatica, and whiplash injuries.

Pain can be referred from muscles joints and nerves to various places in your body. Commonly a problem with your neck could give you pain in your arm or pain in the leg from the lower back.

It is estimated that between 80 and 100% of the population will suffer at least one episode of neck or back pain in their lifetime. Research is in agreement that manual therapy, exercise and education is beneficial and “best practice” for back and neck problems. Surgery is only necessary for a minority of back pain sufferers. The risk factors for developing back pain include a family history of back pain, prolonged standing or sitting, heavy repetitive work, obesity, poor general fitness and following abdominal surgery.

All of our physiotherapists have extensive experience in managing back and neck problems. Our philosophy of individual care and a holistic approach means we will assess and then treat you using a wide range of techniques such as soft tissue massage and gentle positional release techniques, joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques.


Joint Problems:

All our physiotherapists have experience in treating the whole body and can provide expert treatment for all joint and muscle problems. Naturally, practitioners develop particular interests and skills in specific areas and, as a team, we can refer to our specialists should we feel you need more specialist care. We have specialists in shoulder, knee, spinal, foot and ankle and hip joint problems.  Of course, our difference as a Practice is in the holistic way we view things and often we need to consider the bigger picture and focusing only on one body part may not lead to optimal restoration of your function and well being.

Sports Injuries:

You can see from the practitioner profiles that we have a team of sports physiotherapists here in our Wokingham Practice with a wide range of sporting interests covered including running, athletics, football, martial arts, cycling to mention a few and this enables us to understand your activity and rehabilitate you fully to your chosen activity.

In our rehab area we have a treadmill to allow us to assess gait and running styles. We have access to local football/playing field facilities in Wokingham so we can make sure you are really ready to return to full sport and minimise the risk of re-injury and sustaining a further sports injury.

Post operative rehabilitation:

We have established trusting relationships with many of the local Consultant Surgeons in Reading and Windsor to ensure communication about the best rehabilitation from your individual surgery. Commonly we provide care for the following post operative conditions:
  • Ligament reconstructions
  • Tendon repairs
  • Knee surgery such as Meniscectomy
  • After broken bones (fractures)
  • Spinal surgery such as Miscrodiscectomy
  • Joint replacements – commonly hip, knee & shoulder
  • Caesarean section, hysterectomy and other abdominal surgery
  • Shoulder surgery / post operative care– including ASD.