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"I would highly recommend virtual consultation as an effective way of continuing rehabilitation. Rodger’s professional and personable style works perfectly through this medium.

He recommended tailored treatment, using screen sharing to view anatomical charts, demonstrating self-massage and exercises, leaving me feeling upbeat and giving me confidence to progress in my recovery from a snapped cruciate ligament."

- Nicola Lawrie

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UPDATE – 18th – 19th July 

We are open! We are working hard to make your visit as comfortable as possible in the hot weather. Please contact reception if you have any special requirements. Thank you.

Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy as Individual as you are - Since 1996

Here at the Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy Practice we offer a wide range of services and treatments targeted to help you achieve your optimal level of fitness and health.  We aim to offer flexible appointment times with both early morning and evening appointments available to accommodate for today’s busy lifestyles.

Professional service

Find out more about our Wokingham Physiotherapy Practice and the services we can offer to you.


Hands on Physiotherapy in WokinghamOur emphasis is on hands on holistic treatment of the body. Common conditions treated are: back and neck problems including whiplash. We have particular knowledge in back, neck, knee, and shoulder problems and as part of our holistic approach, we can look after all your musculo-skeletal problems.

Running Help in Wokingham physiotherapistYou can see from the practitioner profiles that we have a team of sports physiotherapists here in our Wokingham Practice, with a wide range of sporting interests such as running, athletics, football, martial arts, and cycling to mention a few. This enables us to understand your activity and rehabilitate you fully to your chosen activity.

In our rehab area, we have a treadmill to allow us to assess gait and running styles. We have access to local football/playing field facilities in Wokingham so we can make sure you are fully ready to return to full sport and minimize the risk of re-injury and sustaining a further sports injury.

Neurological physiotherapy at Wokingham PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapists working in Neurology are concerned with the problems a person may have when parts of the nervous system are damaged.

We can offer assessment and treatment for a wide variety of conditions including:
  • Strokes
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease

Soft Tissue Therapy Wokingham PhysiotherapistA sports massage can benefit anyone, not just those who are involved in sport!

It’s just as effective for athletes as it is for individuals with general aches and pains. The benefits of massage can aid anyone suffering from occupational, emotional, and postural stress as well as those with physically demanding jobs that can lead to muscle imbalances.

Poor posture whilst sitting at a desk may cause muscle imbalances, which in turn may cause tight muscles and pain. These can soon be rectified through sports massage.

Women's Health At Wokingham PhysiotherapistWomen, at whatever stage of their life, can have musculoskeletal disorders.

Pregnancy releases hormones in a woman’s body that leads to laxer ligaments, muscular changes, and postural changes. This along with the additional demands on the body due to lifting, carrying, and positioning for breastfeeding – all whilst bringing up a newborn, a baby, and maybe other small children, can cause discomfort.

All of these changes can bring about low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, thoracic back pain, sacro-iliac dysfunctions, neck pain, pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions, continence concerns, and secondary conditions to pregnancy e.g carpal tunnel syndrome, meralgia paraesthetica.

Mummy MOT Wokingham Physiotherapy

The Mummy Mot is an in-depth postnatal assessment that assesses the strength, activation, and function of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles following childbirth.

Performed by a Specialist Post Natal Health Physiotherapist it is recommended for all women following delivery.

Most women after having had a baby have a weakness in either the tummy or pelvic floor area which creates instability and poor core strength. The result will be altered transfer load, back pain, pelvic pain, bladder and bowel weakness. In order to avoid these distressing symptoms, have your tummy gap and pelvic floor tested and then start an optimal postnatal recovery programme.

Headaches And Migraines Wokingham PhysiotherapyHeadaches and migraines cause years of pain and suffering for many people. It comes as a surprise to many sufferers that their neck may be the cause of their problems.

TMJ / Jaw Pain Wokingham PhysiotherapyJaw pain or clicking is a troublesome issue for many and is often poorly treated. The jaw articulation or joint is correctly referred to as the temporomandibular joint – the articulation of the mandible (jawbone) with the temporal bone in the side of the skull.

Common symptoms are:

  • Face pain
  • Jaw ache or localised jaw pain
  • Clicking in the jaw
  • Headaches and migraines connected with the jaw.
  • Dizziness
  • Inability to open the mouth fully

Dizziness Therapy In Wokingham PhysiotherapistThere are many causes of dizziness and getting the correct diagnosis is key to effective treatment.

Physiotherapy assessment can help diagnose a cause of dizziness and screen for any other causes such as neurological and cardiovascular causes.

Myofascial Release In Wokingham PhysiotherapistMyofascial release is now very popular and is not a new idea although it has gained great popularity in recent years. Rodger began considering the fascial system as a source of pain, mechanical dysfunction, and ill health almost 20 years ago and has trained with world leaders such as John F Barnes and Stephen Goldstein.

Cranial Therapy At Wokingham PhysiotherapistRodger originally qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1993 and after going on to qualify at post-graduate level in advanced manual therapy he became aware that there was so much more going on with the body than which he had been taught. He undertook training in traditional Chinese acupuncture which led him to a rather conceptual notion of an energy system in the body. Rodger never really felt that he was getting quite the full picture – even with acupuncture, he was not really aware of the energy in the body.

Rodger soon studied cranial osteopathy as he had witnessed great benefit from this form of treatment. Whilst treating this way along with his training in visceral manipulation, he began to feel waves and pulses of what he later realised were energy within the body. He then progressed his studies and began training into craniosacral therapy which is a more energy-based cranial treatment.


We are made of energy.

This seems an odd statement to many of us raised in the west. Although in physics terms we would accept we are made of atoms, which we accept is 99.999% emptiness, a few electrons, protons and neutrons, and a whole load of emptiness/space – which is of course not nothing – it is energy. We all know what happens when we split an atom!

Acupuncture At Rodger Duckworth PhysiotherapyAcupuncture has been used in Chinese Medicine as far back as 4000 years ago. It is used to treat the person as a whole. It has been accepted within the NHS since 1984. Rodger has trained in both western and traditional acupuncture and feels it complements conventional physiotherapy well. There is a huge volume of good quality evidence supporting the validity of acupuncture for the holistic management of the patient – not just pain control.

Holistic Health At Rodger Duckworth'sOur practice is different from many others in that we all believe in taking a truly holistic approach to the way we work.

We all see how things are connected in the body and how one thing affects the other.

Whilst all our practitioners have solid, robust training in conventional Western medicine, we have all undertaken additional training in other systems of medicine and thinking to help us to bridge the gaps in where Western medicine falls short.

Counselling Therapy At Wokingham PhysiotherapistCounselling takes place in a private and confidential setting to explore a difficulty the patient is having in their personal life.

It is by listening attentively and patiently that a counsellor can begin to perceive the difficulties from the patient’s point of view and can help them to see things from a different perspective thereby giving clarity to their problems or issues.

Usually, when you see a counsellor it will be for one hour at a regular time every week. You may have a weekly session for as long as you and your counsellor agree that you need them.

Running Help At Wokingham Physiotherapist

When we run we feel free, energised, and good about ourselves.

Some of us want to run every day many of us much less often.

We all run differently, our bodies automatically find a way of doing so. For some, running is easier than it is for others – but whenever and however we run, running brings benefits that are of value to our physical health and mental wellbeing.

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Falls Prevention For Seniors

Strength and balance exercises   Click on the above link to see a simple set of exercises for more senior patients, who are stuck at home right now. Please stay strong and avoid falls everyone. During this difficult time we want to provide support where we can and want to keep you safe and well. […]

‘I’d love to be able to run but…’

Have you ever had that thought? The one where you see people running and just thought I’d love to be able to do that but then a heap of reasons fill your head as to why you can’t. I get out of breath so quickly, I’m not built for running, it’s bad for your joints, […]

Meet the team

This is our skilled physiotherapy team

Rodger Duckworth

Rodger Duckworth


Salil Das

Salil Das

BSc(Hons) MCSP

Yavor Stoyanov

BSc(Hons) MCSP

Sandra Watts

Sandra Watts

BSc(Hons), MCSP

Emergency Online Appointment for Acute Back Pain

22 May 2020

Just had my first innovative physio session using Zoom which has jump started my recovery. I had an acute back injury which meant that I couldn’t get out of bed. With Rodger on the line explaining in very clear terms and demonstrating what he needed me to do, he was able to assess and diagnose my injury. From there we went through a number of exercises which has already loosened me up to the extent that I am able to move around.

Thank you Rodger!

John Daniel

Herniated Disc Treatment – Online Treatment May 2020

“Having had an MRI and received a diagnosis just before we went into lockdown, I wasn’t able to access treatment. I reached out to Rodger for virtual advice because there was so much conflicting information on the internet I didn’t know what to do for the best.  The sessions have been really helpful.  Rodger has been excellent at allaying my fears and answering my questions. He has explained the physiology of the problem and been able to pick up on my movements via webcam to identify which exercises to try and adapting where necessary.  He has also recorded videos of the exercises that are easy to follow along at home and has also been at the end of email for any advice if needed.  Whilst in-person sessions might result in a quicker recovery, I would highly recommend trying virtual sessions to equip you with the knowledge you need to manage your condition on your own. Thanks Rodger!” – Claire Bull

Holistic Approach – Different To Other Physio’s
“I’m being treated by Rodger for a back issue. Started with F2F but since lockdown, they’ve gone virtual which are very effective.  Very happy with the holistic approach, finding the source of the issue but treating the whole person.  Would highly recommend the practice.”
– Karin Murray April 2020
They Let Nothing Get In The Way of My Care
“The world changed to deal with Covid-19 and Rodger was no different! I was very impressed with how quickly the zoom sessions were set up, and how helpful our virtual physio sessions have been, after only 2 sessions I’m already seeing improvements!”
– Hannah Stewart 30 April 2020

Online Physio Across The World April 2020

“I have seen Rodger for various injuries over many years. His treatment has always had a successful outcome. When isolated many miles away due to C19, I didn’t hesitate to have some virtual consultations with him. My progress in these sessions and with exercises I could do in my own time, was swift.” – Kim Johnson 


“I would highly recommend virtual consultation as an effective way of continuing rehabilitation.  Rodger’s professional and personable style works perfectly through this medium.  He recommended tailored treatment, using screen sharing to view anatomical charts, demonstrating self-massage and exercises, leaving me feeling upbeat and giving me confidence to progress in my recovery from a snapped cruciate ligament.”
– Nicola Lawrie
Chronic Headache and Migraine Treatment
“I have been suffering with a daily headache or migraine sometimes known as a chronic migraine for over a year now and have suffered generally with migraine’s and headache’s since my twenties.  I have been to see Rodger for a number of sessions as an alternative to taking many different medications.plus most recently I have  been getting a daily headache due to medication overuse! I can honestly say the sessions are really working. I have now started to reduce the medication, I would highly recommend Rodger to anyone in a similar situation.”
– Sophie Green

My lower back has given me problems for many years, especially when gardening and more recently on short walks which were generating a pain in my groin. Following my GP’s referral to the Practice and four sessions my back and my confidence in it have improved dramatically.
Many many thanks.
– W. Wilson
Given the Human body is the finest yet most complex machine in the world, Rodger and his team are brilliant at explaining to laymen how and why the machine gets damaged, what the treatment is doing and how the recovery process works.
I recommend them without hesitation to anyone who wants recovery from injury and relief from pain
– Mr Bottomley
The Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy Practice has always been willing and eager to help from their start.  The joining of Jane Mellor is the icing on the cake for Scott.
– Mrs Graham


Unfortunately, in 2010 I had to undergo a further operation to fuse vertebrae and replace discs in my spine. Once I could fly out I had only one place in mind to come to for the rehabilitation. RD Physiotherapy have for the last 10 years made a lasting positive impact on my quality of life and allowed me to live and run my business in the face of adversity.
– Hema Luqman



As a reult of seeing Rodger and the craniosacral therapy she has received, Ava has no doubt been a much happier, calmer and more contented baby. Rodger’s care and ability to put both child and parent at ease is just incredible. We would highly recommend him!!
Harps…a happy mummy :o))


Training as a dancer is incredibly demanding on your body and it is always an incredible relief to have Rodger’s continued guidance and support. Nothing is too much trouble for him and he is never satisfied until he finds the answer!  He also makes you feel immediately at ease and that you are in a very safe, caring pair of hands.
Victoria Summer – Professional Dancer & Singer
Rodger’s exceptional knowledge and experience, together with his friendly, caring approach, ensure we receive up to date advice and treatment in a comfortable, professional environment.
– The De Maio Family


I have been sending patients with shoulder problems to see Rodger and his team for over a decade now either to help them recover from surgery or, in many cases, so that his rehabilitation skills can avoid the need for an operation and get them back to full pain-free function
Richard Sinnerton – Consultant Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgeon
Every time I see Rodger I leave feeling better and with my muscles feeling more at ease. As time has gone on the benefits of a session have lasted longer and longer and I have more control over my body and have been far more able to relax muscle groups on my own to stop the build up of pain.
– Will McAllister


The practice has grown massively from those early days in the 90’s, however Rodger has managed to keep loyal to his core values and employs a team of physio’s who are all exceptionally skilled, likeable and professional. I constantly recommend their services to people far and wide, many of who travel from the suburbs of London to get the best physiotherapy treatment in the South.
– Dominic Webb


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